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The first time someone tried to steal my bag in the subway I panicked and I broke his arm with an umbrella and since then none of my friends will let me forget about this.
If you think this was a badass moment you need to remember I’m 5 ft and my bag was a Lucky Star bag and I was crying while hitting someone much bigger than me repeatedly with a frog-shaped umbrella. 

you are my hero

Its still badass



Air dates have seemed to appear for the next two Gravity Falls episodes! Episode six four is entitled “Sock Opera” and features a strikingly realistic recreation of the Mystery Shack crew as sock puppets singing and dancing all night long, or at least until trouble rears it’s pointy head. Episode five, simply titled “Soos and the Real Girl,” most likely follows the misadventures of Soos and his attempts at romance. Be sure to tune in September 8th and September 22nd when these two are currently believed to air!

Boy, Soos’ waifu sure is kawaii, ne watcher-tachi?

…Semptember 22nd is my birthday. You trying to tell me something, Disney?

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